How It's Made

Futures & Options markets are where governments, corporations,
small business, non-profits, and individuals hedge their
financial exposure or speculate market prices.
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Managed Futures   |   Commodity Trading Advisor

What are Managed Futures?

Compelling Reasons to Allocate to Managed Futures

MF Comparing CTA Strategies

Managed Futures: Evaluating CTA's Quantitative and Qualitative Factors

CME Group   |   World's Largest Financial Derivatives Exchanges

History of Futures Markets

Price Discovery

Understanding the Role of a Hedger

Role of Speculators

What are Futures Contracts?

Futures Contract Specs

Contract Unit and Notional Value


Understanding Futures Expiration & Contract Roll

Expiration and Settlement of Futures

Price Limits

Why Mark to Market is Crucial for the Global Marketplace

Open Interest

What Is Volume?

Food   |   America's Cash Crop Economy Since 1848

Why the US Government is Obsessed with Corn

How Rice is Made

The Process of Milk Production: From Cow to Carton

Where Does Milk Come From? | Farm To Fridge

How It's Made-Butter

How Whey Protein Powder Is Made: Inside The World's Biggest Protein Factory

How It's Made: Cocoa Beans

How Sugar Is Made | How It's Made

This is how your coffee made it to your table

Story of Oats: Processing

Precious Metals   |   God's Money

Inside Gold Factory

Platinum Documentary

How its Made - Silver

Palladium Documentary

Energy   |   World's 2nd Largest Producing Marketplace

Crude Oil Manufacturing Production Process - Extraction and Refining Crude Oil - Petrol Factory

How is Gasoline Made from Crude Oil? The Petroleum Refining Process Simplified!

Liquified Natural Gas: From Treatment To Transport

Understanding Ethanol Co-Products

Coal 101

How Electricity is Made

How is Propane Fuel Made

Currencies   |   Chicago Transforms the World, Again

Exchange Rates and Trade

BRICS: Emerging counterweight in a multipolar world?

Cryptocurrencies   |   Regulated-Confidence in a New Frontier

What is Bitcoin?

What are Bitcoin Futures?

What is ethereum, and how does it work?

Ether Futures Product Overview

Sustainable   |   Solutions for Energy Pioneers and Environmentalists

CBL Global Emissions Offset Futures Product Overview

What is carbon trading?

Weather Derivatives

Production of Nitrogen Fertilizer

How Copper is Produced

How It's Made - Aluminium or Aluminum

Zinc Process

How Commodity Markets Work

How Commodity Markets Work